About Us

After graduating from the Department of Chemistry Teaching at METU in 2001, I worked as a teacher, founder and school director in various institutions in the private education sector.

Being self-sufficient and sustainable gardening was my dream, just like everyone else. In order to realize this dream, I took my first step in 2010 by buying an olive orchard in Bursa Orhangazi district. Spending time in the garden on weekends was my first attempt to take care of small garden chores. When I realized that gardening was a rehabilitation, resting and discharge point rather than a tiring job for me, I realized that gardening, which I was interested in as a hobby, should take place more in my life. A permanent settlement was my next step. ​YOTUBE After that, I started doing research on ecological gardening. During my research, I had a hard time finding the information I wanted about ecological and small scale gardening in Turkish sources. At this point, I established the Eryaman Farm Youtube channel to convey the experiences I learned by researching and trying in my garden. From the first day, I continue to work constantly to continue to share meaningful and purposeful videos on my channel, whose purpose is only to share knowledge and experience. ​ ​


I give trainings about the process until they get a product from seed with on-site applied trainings to people who aim to grow their own products, who try to have knowledge about gardening, and who are just starting out in gardening. My aim in these trainings is to give participants experience in designing and operating a sustainable garden with applicable knowledge. ​ ​


In the beginning, it is not easy to produce or supply every product used in the garden. At this point, I offer my ecological gardening products, which I produce for ourselves and use in my garden, for sale to our followers. In addition to this, I offer our vegetables that we produce and consume surplus, and our food products such as pickles, tomato paste, vinegar, which we obtain from our vegetables, to the followers who want them. Since we do not have an industrial production, my products are seasonal and in limited quantities. You can follow our product information and stock status from the products tab.